Josh Perron

Web Project Manager

Joshua Perron is the Web Product Manager for C2C, overseeing the company’s front-end user experience and content design. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Connecticut.  His previous experience includes working in and for multiple high-tech, web-based start-up companies, including even co-founding one himself. Josh has over 7 years of experience with Web and Mobile Product Development and a passion for optimizing and improving user experiences on the web. Also, he owns and manages an online automotive support community with over 28,000 members. Josh has grown up with the military always close by. His father is a retired Commander from the Navy, and both of his grandfathers served in the military; one in the Air Force during the Vietnam era, and the other in the Army during the WWII era. He has seen from both his family and friends the difficulties of leaving the military and moving back into a civilian lifestyle, and in particular, difficulties in matching the skills and abilities gained through the military to civilian jobs.