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About Us

C2C, LLC DBA Combat2Career® (C2C) is a Connecticut-based technology start-up venture founded in May 2011 by Meghan Brunaugh and Charlotte Creech to assist military members and veterans in the pursuit of higher education and the transition to civilian careers.

C2C advocates that the pathway to a civilian career is through education. Through its web-based portal, C2C assists veterans in their transition from military to civilian careers by matching them with higher education programs that best suit their individual needs and goals, and by assisting current veteran students and recent graduates in securing internships and full-time job opportunities at companies seeking to recruit qualified veteran candidates.

Mission Statement

To facilitate a connection between military members, colleges and universities, and civilian businesses as a means to open the door to higher education opportunities for veterans, and to design and deliver applications and programs to assist veterans in the many steps and activities associated with the transition from combat 2 college 2 career and beyond.


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