For Educators

Educator Overview

We are confident we can assist your program in developing and implementing a feasible strategy for recruiting, retaining and supporting student veterans. We customize our services to fit the needs of each client and can provide tailored solutions in any of the following areas. Read more below for an overview of services we can provide for your academic institution or program.



Consulting Solutions

Our consulting solutions are uniquely tailored to fit the needs of your education program(s). We understand each higher education institution is unique, and will work with you to evaluate current practices and develop an actionable strategy for recruiting and retaining student veterans.


Tune your Education Institution

With Best Practices and Bright Ideas

We’ve invested thousands of hours interviewing veterans and researching the pain points they experience throughout their post-military transition. Our solutions are evidence-based, incorporating benchmarks and best practices from leading institutions to ensure your program remains competitive and offers a supportive culture for student veterans.


 Cost-Effective and Transparent

Outreach and Recruitment Strategies

We do far more than simply provide outreach and recruitment advice–we  provide the training and resources needed to help improve the student veteran experience and campus culture. With our help, your program will become more effective at outreach/engagement, recruitment, retention and job placement for veterans.