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Increase Veteran Enrollment with our Tuition Calculator

Interested in improving the Veteran recruitment experience for both your staff and student Veterans?

Learn more about how our GI Bill® tuition calculator can help convert prospective student Veterans from site visitors to enrolled students!

Introducing the Veteran Tuition Calculator…

1. Increase Conversion Rates through Transparent Cost Information

Since cost is one of the most critical factors for Veterans when selecting schools, we’ve created a simple 6 question net price calculator that integrates with your website to help prospective student Veterans understand the cost of attendance when using their Post-9/11 GI Bill® education benefits. Complete with analytics and a contact form, our calculator can serve as a powerful recruitment tool to help your program increase conversions from Veteran visitors to student Veterans.

2. Increase Accessibility with an Integrated Contact Form

Research indicates that Veterans often struggle to identify the right point of contact on campus to answer questions once they’ve settled on a few schools of interest. Our tuition calculator can remedy this problem by making your program more accessible to prospective students. We’ve included an integrated contact form that allows site visitors to submit their net price calculator results along with their contact information, a customized message and related GI Bill® eligibility information to the appropriate Veteran services staff so your program can successfully engage with prospective student Veterans.

3. Exhibit Leading Practices in Veteran Recruitment

A net price calculator is a required service that postsecondary institutions must provide. Why should student Veterans be left out? The Net Price Calculator Improvement Act of 2014 seeks to require schools to provide information on Veterans education benefits in their net price calculator. Our GI Bill® tuition calculator can help your school increase its outreach to Veterans and get ahead of the pending legislation.